Area Information

Pollonia is a small fishing village at the northeastern side of Milos. It is located about 14km away from Plaka and only 10km from Adamas. For those of you wondering, Pollonia took its name from the temple of Apollo, ancient Greek god of sun and light, which was located at the Pelekouda peninsula.

This small seaside village has a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters, rich sand and many trees that provide shade for the midday sun. After having enjoyed swimming, you can relax at one of the many seaside taverns and restaurants, which are spread around the bay, waiting for you with warm appetizers and cold beers or Ouzo.

As the second largest port of the island, Pollonia is the place from where, the ferry boat sails to the island of Kimolos. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there and we are sure that this small island with its amazing beaches, will compensate for your time.

At the eastern side of Pollonia, you will find Pelekouda, a picturesque peninsula region. Here you can walk among “Zacharopetres”, a scenery full of volcanic rocks by the sea. This is the place where couples in love can seal their love for eternity as, according to locals, if a couple sits on “the throne of lovers” (a specific volcanic rock that looks like a throne) their love will last forever! Last but not least, if you are lucky enough to arrive at Pelekouda on time, you will enjoy one of the most beautiful and romantic sunsets of the island, as the sun dives into the sea right next to “Kalogeros”, one more volcanic creation and symbol of the island.

Pollonia Beaches

The tamarisk tree-lined, main beach of Pollonia is in a small, protected bay, very close to most lodging, tavernas, the kids' playground, mini-market, bakery, taxi and bus stop, and retail stores. There is an additional, long, sandy beach on the southeast part of Pollonia, with a convenient beach bar operating on the southernmost side of the beach during the busy tourist season.

Within just a few kilometers of Pollonia, there are several notable beaches as well. Along the north coast, visitors may visit the cave of Papafrangas next to the neolithic settlement of Phylakopi. Along the south coast, accessible via unpaved road, are the beaches of Kastanas and Tria Pigadia.


On the northeast edge of Pollonia itself, the Pelekouda peninsula has seen dramatic growth in new construction in recent years, to accommodate the increased demand for lodging in the Pollonia area. The Pelekouda peninsula is surrounded by water, but features no sandy beach per se, even though several rocky sections of the coastline are suitable for swimming.